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The museum has got several thousand sketches and drawings of the artist from all periods of his creativity. There are even the works which were executed by the few years old future artist. They are records of his first strokes. Missing out the juvenile attemps, consisting mostly in copying art works of masters, the first drawings are kept in expressive convention. Some of them reveal also relations to surrealism. These early projects are the important documentation of artistic explorations. From the beginning, the theme of the works oscillates around the alienated, trapped in the inner drama, evoking painful experience human figure. Its form is geometrized and simplified after 1957. Being interested in geometrical relations, the artist continued traditions of the pre-war avant-garde. In the 60s, the works gradually gain spaciousness through plasticizing modeling and delicate chiaroscuro. The drawings as well as graphics appearing in the years of 1956-1969 which were made by means of the cliché-verre and monotyping technique, are still variations on the theme of the human and animal figure. Initially, they revealed inspirations of the cubism.


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